Working for Neil Gorton at MILLENIUM FX the company responsible for all the creatures on Dr Who, I was honoured to work on this iconic character. Not involved in the original sculpt, as the head was sculpted by Neil himself, but it was my job to smooth out the lumps and bumps from the first casting and produce a product finish, before it was re-cast for mass production. I also was lucky enough to be asked to come up with something new for the bars at the side - a trademark feature of the Cybermen over the decades.



SMILE!...OK DONT THEN. The Cybermen as they appear on the show today. So honoured to have been involved and made an,albeit very small,creative contribution.
FINE....NOW MAKE 5 MORE Once the bars had been approved by those on high, I got busy and machined enough milled tubes and turnings for 5 more Cybermen, unfortunately, I dont have a photo of all those.
MOTTLED "something subtle" I think Neil said. "not too in your face" so, this is the final design submitted. He liked it and then it was photo'd and the pictures emailed to head office for their approval. The mottled effect are the small variations in the surface that have been filled and sanded back to reveal high points
PUTTY IN MY HANDS ....or on a cybermans face. filling minute surface imperfections with acrylic putty.
NOT A SELFIE Taken by Kate Walshe I think. (I cropped my bald spot, heh heh)

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