I convinced James that I was the man to construct the full size escape pod, as I had made the miniature and was more than capable of making this full size.

Still unfinished, this is the best shot I have to date. James and possibly aided by myself, this will be dressed a lot more. two sheets of clear PET-G are missing in this shot.


Google SKETCHUP to the rescue in calculating the radii of the ribs that will form the hemisphere
Importing an image of the pod miniature into Sketchup, I can calculate the dimentions of the porthole in the full size set. Using the tape-measure in Sketchup I can see how many pieces I will get out of an 8' x 4' sheet of plywood and calculate the size of the sphere relative to a character in a chair.
I used Trammel bars and the dimensions provided by SKETCHUP to cut one piece, then used that as a template to cut out any pieces that repeated (all the verticles) SKETCHUP delivered.The basic skeleton. Only half was budgetted for and a carefully placed camera and the right lens, will create the illusion of a full sphere.
Tying te ring for the porthole to the frame to check its the right size, before anything permanent is done. The blue film that comes with FOAMEX is left on, where possible, to protect the surface from dings as it picks them up quite easily.
The porthole position is established and foamex cladding on one surface only, has been done. To match the miniature, I fabricated the ring of holes that sits between the two sheets of glass in the porthole.
Bigger than a VOSTOK pod, but then thats what James wanted, more than an escape pod, but also a survival pod. Not being a complete idiot, I made the sphere in 4 pieces, so it would fit through doors and into the van I was going to hire to deliver it.

With a strip over-hanging each split line, when screwed together, would appear as a complete piece

Brackets for wires and tubes. Wish I could have done more.

Nice little unit dressed in. Could be a CO2 filter, could be anything you want it to be.


One recess to give the wall a thickness. Wish I could have done more.
A flat piece in the ceiling echoed the exterior abd can be dressed with something funky at a later date. A strange front room indeed.

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