James always wanted a shot of the pod tumbling towards the planet, but couldnt use the 12" miniature, as it had no back. So he commissioned me to make a small complete one, that he could film doing just that. As it was moving through camera, the most important things were the proportions and the coloration. imperfections on the surface wouldnt register and thats why I went for the foil again, rather than paint, so it would match perfectly with the larger one.

I printed some images to the size I needed


Mounting point in the top was abandoned after I filmed an orange tumbling past my instant camera with a mounting point off-set and underneath. The test James did, looks great.
Every detail on the larger one was repeated on the smaller one These handles were swapped for a lighter gauge once I found the brass I needed.
All widgets I'd used had to be reproduced I think the ratio is a bit out here. The guy would be a bit bigger methinks - to make it more cramped inside, although it is supposed to be bigger than your traditional escape pod.
tiny slices of wire sleeving served as collars around the handle bases. I didnt go crazy with detailing at the back of the pod. There wasnt the budget for it.
A coat of Grey primer, then silver. But its still not close enough, so Foil was the way to go. Continuity is so important. Dings and marks created by my own fingernails, wouldnt matter, as this si tumbling through the shot. No need to stick to the pattern of panel lines either. Texture and colour is key here
I couldnt leave prominent details like these landing retros off now could I? turned on my lathe. Finished and ready to ship.

Just shots against a green screen, but this would be a folly, as the aluminium would reflect the green and you'de get holes in the pod.

James shot the test against Black of course.

James might pop a light inside that reads through the main porthole and door porthole . Access is through the main porthole glasing only


Tumbling past camera, it will be seen from all angles
A thumbnail scribble of the main ship the pod might detatch from I then did a rudimentary model in SKETCHUP
James did a quick render with the file I sent him. If the budget was there I could use this as a departure point for a miniature. James sets up for a test tumble

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