Two of these old Cine cameras were

the departure point for the design process

After having hack-sawed off the front lens arrays, I place one to see where it might go

With parcel tape in place, to stop sticking,

I fill in gaps with P40 filler

Holes pre-drilled for lighting
Pre-turned ally pieces are to be set into the piece, so it can be screwed on and off Ally plugs in place
About to repeat the process for the other side

Cables are there to break up the line of the helmet...which people know very well, as it is used

often in Low-budget sci-fi movies

A lump for connecting the cables, which I cut, to make handling the helmet easier Epoxying the 'spine' which will be covered in ally foil to blend in.
Ally ringletts I turned and then epoxied. tape is to protect the metal from messy glue. The same goes for the 'ribs'
Threading through the LEDS A quick test

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