NODE is an industrial hover scout that looks ahead for the host it is 'tethered' to, scanning for danger and lifeforms and augmenting whatever sensory equipment the wearer has on board. An older unit, that has been used before, neglected, maybe even went roque and broke its bonds, travelling at speed through dust clouds flora and fauna, colliding with things.
UP AND RUNNING This is the set-up for whoever puppetteers(?) Node on the set. Cables and the support and maybe even the operator, will be removed with Computer graphics. Probably wont be me after all, as I aint wearing one of those green onesies. Don't think they could find one big enough anyway.
READY FOR MY CLOSE UP MR DEMILLE Here's an Iconic robot in the making! (well, a boy can dream can't he?) Seriously, there's only so much you can do to give a sphere character, but I thought that if I off-set its 'eye' it would go some way towards that and avoid it looking PORTAL like.
FACE OFF A conscious effort was made to avoid this looking like a face, which I dont think James or I really wanted. for this reason, I didnt put anything at all in the area between the flaps, even a scribe line, as this would have invariably formed a mouth and thereby completed a kind of face.
POWERFUL If IRON MAN is anything to go by, you dont need a lot of space to have a lot of power, so I put this enormous OBLIVION style thruster in the rear. Making this visually interesting was probably more important than believability. it is Sci-Fi after all, and these days, perameters of whats acceptable in Sci-Fi have been stretched.
SCRATCHED Side view showing a key design element. The metal plate. this can be whatever you want it to be. When most people look at an industrial machine, they don't know what every lump or piece does, they just accept it. Lots of scratches and dirt completes NODE.
PAINT CHIPPED Just a silver paint pen around panel edges to give it that chipped look. The 'brain' will be activated intemittently, as, if permanently on, would be a distraction from the 'eye'


A glimpse inside showing the low-tech low budget solutions.



These low power high intensity LEDS are just what the doctor ordered. Looks like a LOT of power at Nodes disposal.
I SPY I saw this at a car boot sale and thought "hello...." Then I pushed a few buttons and the lights went through a lovely little sequence and I was sold. Sorry kids, this toy must DIE!
THE BRAIN This is the bulk of what I was after, plus the circular housing.
NO OTHER WAY Static LEDS i can handle
BRIGHT ENOUGH These LEDS are removed from a cheap TESCO worklight.

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