A team effort at Bill Pearsons workshop at Shepperton. Richard St Clair,Chris Hayes,Andy Rolfe,Bill and myself. Making 14 full size practical chairs for the bridge of the PROMETHEUS



BEST SHOT This is about the best shot you get in the Movie too....for about 2 seconds.
JUST US TWO Been nice to have seen all 14 together. Like to post some frames from the movie, but I think I'd get into trouble from FOX
DELIVERED IN GREY Completed chair ready for delivery (or collection, rather)
PATTERN Combination of MDF and FOAMEX I used to fabricate the pattern to be moulded for the back of the chair, which I married up to the front piece.
CAR SEAT FRAME Everything had to dressed around a frames from car seats. I worked out and fabricated a wooden frame to screw the fibre glass to. there was only time to do this in 4 places only. I'm surprised the chairs survived the rigours of shooting (unless they were filled with two-part foam prior to the shoot - nothing we had the time or the budget to do).
NEVER THIS CLOSE The grills in the back of the chairs were hand made. I made 14 of these from perspex.


We stuck to the drawings religiously



I was confident I could make the grilles from Perpex, by cutting slots on the circular saw....and thats how I did all 14.
CHAOS In 28 years of professional freelancing, this was one of the craziest of deadlines ever and so, the worshop got a bit messy and cluttered. you really had to watch yourself moving around.
STILL WARM I think we all had a pour of resin now and then. these pieces stayed warm for ages, there was that much solid resin, just done for speed, eliminating the proceedure of cutting foam to fit and suspending in the mould. Probably only saved a couple of hours, but it seemed like we had to cut corners where we could, in order to get these done on time.
EASY RECLINER All upholstered surfaces would be applied at Pinewood, we didnt make those.
1 DOWN,13 TO GO The Fibre glass pieces from next door keep coming in. I trimmed a lot of those using my recently purchased FEIN saw. Great bit of kit.

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