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The TALON was a pet project and the subject of an experiment to see if a living income could be generated from VIMEO PRO, as people download segments of film showing some of the 'tips and tricks' of the trade as I constructed it, with the camera over my shoulder every step of the way. For the novice, 'how to' tutorials, scratchbuilding, painting and weathering, lights and wiring and the tortured decision making process, when something is AD-LIBBED as the Talon was. From beginning to end, I made it up as I went along. Which was a personal experiment and challenge, to see If something of worth, could be created that way - ie without drawings, not even a scribble. LINK to the Vimeo page HERE.

The TALON is so named because of the talon-like claw at the back. this clamps onto military payloads, or used to, as it is now decommissioned. Its been parked up on a rainy planet for quite some time (hence the rust) and has been awaiting a buyer brave enough to fly an old rustbucket like the Talon.

Normally, a build like this would take me about 16 weeks, but Ive been bogged down with a shoulder injury, with effects that travel down the arm to my hand and so this has taken me a little longer than 16 weeks, what with the setting up for camera shots and changing the lighting on top, slowing me down, it has taken about 6 weeks longer than that.

30" long and built primarily from FOAMEX clad with STYRENE, it has 5 mounting points and the provision for 4 tubes to fit to the VTOL engines (for the movement of FREON gas, to simulate thrust) It is about 1/72nd scale.

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