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Miniatures for a SISI commercial, a very successful soft drinks company in Europe. Made at Shepperton for Bill Pearson and loaded in a van to cross the channel.

Very enjoyable Job as it included me going over to AMSTERDAM to instal and be on stand-by on stage. Bruce Hill, Art Director was my contact over there.

The mansion as it appears in the advert

Day One
a few days in. Not far off finished

Primer grey as per usual.

The main coour. Prior to weathering with washes etc.
Completed Mansion Warm lighting makes all the difference.

You can see the slot in the set

Not visible from the angle it was shot.

Bruce Hills backdrop of the sea works really well. He'd put glitter

on it to simulate light reflection.

For the take, there would be three of us under the set, self included. I was sliding the car and opening the door, someone was blowing smoke and someone turning on the fountain

I had to cut the corner off the forecourt, so that the cameraman

could get in closer.....for a shot which was never used. Always the way.

Only helped a little with this close up section of the rear of the house. Mostly Chris Hayes and Andy Rolfe.

I helped make sure the hot-tub was waterproof and up and running properly for the shoot. an extra tube had to be fitted underneath and sealed for an airbubble for a fart gag. Water can cause problems if you're not careful.

The fruit would be CGI dropped in later

this model banana was just a stand-in.


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