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Just like the other forms of modelmaking, product modelmaking has its own set of challenges, like encorperating elecronics into a working prototype for instance, or cutting to high tolerances on digital, or even computer controlled machinery. Even a non-functioning mock-up may have compound curves, and, like all product models, require a perfect paint finish.



Full size mock-up of virtual reality headgear in Perspex, modelled by the lovely Nina. College work-2 weeks. Sticking to self made drawings interpreted from a designers sketch.


Alarm Clock

'Sculpted' original Batman figure for the famously popular bedside clock in three days including paint finish and cape. Solid car body filler over a wire armature due to a rediculous deadline. Client required no changes. Figure stands 8" tall.

BT Card phone

BT Card phone

Primarily 'plastic wood' or UREOL, forms the basis of this digitally milled piece. Actual size 1:1.

Large Mobile Phone

A whale of a moby

Ten times actual size, this giant mobile phone is made of fibre-glass over carved polyurethane foam. Working TV installed and illuminated buttons. Two weeks .90% build.

PROPS   With props, engineering-like accuracy is needed to bring together steel and/or Aluminium components, with a basic understanding of electronics and mechanics thrown in to boot. With just the turn of an Allen key or two, a prop should be dissassembleable, so that damaged areas can be replaced without having to rebuild the entire prop. All edges should be softened so that actors don't cut themselves when handling. Even swords and axes can be rubber coated to prevent injury.
Dodotron As named by Modern Props in Los Angelese, (where I made this). Originally a defunkt Dental X-Ray machine, it was stripped down, then giant Aluminium pieces designed, machined and attatched. Has been seen in Star Trek - The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Batman Forever, Men in Black and Voyager (that I know of). About 8 weeks work for me.
Un-named Two weeks without a contract I decided to make this device to keep me busy. Butchering household objects is a nice time saver. The base of a smoke alarm and the end of a megaphone are in there somewhere. Several Red and Yellow L.E.D's flash randomly inside the plastic Xmas decoration, producing an interesting effect. What it is, is anybodys guess, It's whatever you want it to be, which increases the chances of someone hiring it. (7" tall). Due to its inherant fragility it would be best suited to a desktop or a medical lab, not to be handled.
Device Mainly turned Aluminium, with batteries and circuitry in the handle, which is from an old beard trimmer. Fibre-optic strands travel from a light source in the main body of the prop to the tip and flash faster as the hidden knob is tweaked on the underside. Made for Modern Props. Could be some sort of scanning device. One week.
Spoons? Made at Modern Props, the Handles for these futuristic probes are aluminium spoons with the tips cut off. The 'Aluminum' cone shapes were then turned to suit the bowl of the spoons. Frosted perspex tips light up when the button is pressed, and can be removed for access to the AA cell inside. Appeared in DEMOLITION MAN briefly and possibly MEN IN BLACK.

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