Naked Models

..... If I make a model using a lot of bits and bobs, I always take a photo just prior to painting to remind me in years to come just how many and what kind of pieces were involved. On a good day, the right piece goes in the right place, without having to offer up every wigget in the box against every part of the ship. Having a good selection of pieces is half the battle and spreading them out so you can see them all at a glance. Car-boot sales are a good place to buy cheap toys, which can then be butchered to suit...if only the kids could see what we do to their precious toys! The magic part, is how a simple coat of paint brings all those bits of junk together.









Naked Models





Dwarf bay nude Part of a star-wars Y wing is in there somewhere...can you find it?
Precinct pose 2 The basic bones of Precinct 88 was a Perspex and ABS construction
Rattlemobile nude

Yes, this really was made from a baby's rattle..I left the bits inside, so it still rattles. You can see the finished vehicle amongst the precinct pages

Nude princess Main body of freighter 'Princess' before the cargo and engines are applied by the rest of the team and I paint her, (seen on opening page) 5 ft long at 1:200 scale, 2 weeks. Seen in the episode 'The Snake'. Time constraints meant only Head portion followed closely Jim Cornish's production design. Can you spot the red combine harvester?
Futurescape workshop Using absolutely anything, including much from the 1 shops. It is amazing what a bit of paint will do isn't it?
'ISH' but unrecognisable

After replacing a dodgy Star-wars cockpit, this space fighter seemed to work quite well

Naked fish I dont know WHAT I was thinking with this one! (looked good from the rear, maybe I should dig out a photo of that)
  Naked suburb You can see all the pieces I cast over Xmas in the background...waiting to be applied
  Naked debris These sorts of things are quick to make...its debris, so its can 'eyeball' need for a square or a ruler here!
  Obvious pieces? You do get to see this very briefly in the crash sequence...its as STARBUG crashes into the bay, just after it emerges from the frst grille.
  Wot, no paint? These photos are useful to me too... to remind me how something was constructed, just in case I ever get a similar job.
  Temple nude Very little in the way of kit bits here.The Hyroglyphic style detailing was a pattern that came from the original ALIEN film (thanks Bill)..but it was up to me where I applied them.

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