...... When you say to people that you make models for a living, most imagine that you mean making kits, so here's an extra page showing that that simply isn't the case.









Naked Models





007's next boat? Unfortunately not. Working for RAINFORD MODELS, I machined patterns for the MATCHBOX Micro-machines range. Tantamount to engineering (but with perspex, not metal) these were hard going because of the rediculous deadlines I was given. Being in high gear for days on end, takes the pleasurable edge off, what really is, a nice shape to make.
Careful with that axe Eugene TRICKIER STILL, this one was in two halves. All of the Matchbox toys had to interlock with each other, so all location pins had to be accurately spaced….no tolerance….I mean "spot on".
Scorched Earth I thought I'd post this clinically clean globe on the site, by way of contrast to the Earth type planet I made for PRECINCT. This was for an advertising pack-shot in a business mag and the client didn't want to see the equator as the join between the two 24" diameter domes, so this was hidden by rotating the globe through 90 degrees and starting the map from there.
Crystal clear Made for ARTEM, for an old BBC2 intro, these were made from perspex, shattered, then stuck back together. This produced the realistic cracks in the crystals
"Watch out below!" 1:24 scale on a 15 x 10 foot baseboard. Realistic finish, even down to the excrement stains below the windows (where they used to throw it from). This was shot outside and from a low angle. You just can't beat sunlight when photographing a model.
Ga-ga goo-goo Not used Play-Doh for about forty years, but I could still remember that you can mix different colours together and make another. Unusual job. Still, the client LOVED them and that's the main thing.

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