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Crystal Maze Bill Pearson of Vendetta FX gave me my second contract for a TV series doing full size set dressing for 'FUTUREWORLD'. Crazy deadlines meant that stuff was thrown together in days rather than weeks. The resulting bitty junkyard feel was just what the art director wanted, as Futureworld was really supposed to be a derelict space station, where vistors have plundered the hardware, or users have re-activated the station and attached their own bits of technology to make it operational again. CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE TRAILER


Huge steaming pile of...

...wiggets! With only a steel frame as a guide-line (no drawings)and only three days available to complete it, this heap of junk was fleshed out with three MDF lightboxes beneath where the monitors would be housed. Lots of scavenged bits and bobs then cable-tied in position. Towards the end, Fiasil Karim helped with some dressing around the base and some joker cable-tied a dashboard from a Citreon between the monitors whilst I wasn't looking.

Small tv's

Small tv's

Ron Hone sorted out the mechanics for these monitors, which rotated on a disc suspended from the roof of the set. All I had to do was dress around four small TV's in keeping with the 'style' of the main consol. MDF boxes, fabricated ABS pieces and whatever I could find on top of that, did the trick.

Jet packs

Jet packs

Originally meant for a recessed panel in the corridors, the two jet packs I made impressed the art director so much, he decided he wanted them attached to the main consol... So thats where they ended up. An MDF box again, with a selection of Bills' full size 'wiggets' attached.

Grind wheel pic

Grind wheel pic

Doing some real work for a change, cutting away some steel lattice work, so's a recessed door entry panel can be installed.

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