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A Big Miniature is now known in the trade as a Bigiature and although this wasnt that big as miniatures go (4 feet by 12 feet)it represented a large area of the ship in close up. (its certainly not what most laymen think of when you tell them that you're a modelmaker).

A very under-used piece, but the LOGO or name panel was seen quite a bit. Again, not a lot of time or I'd have done some subtle colour changes to indicate different paint strips in the white area(pencil lines would have been too much)

Deane Thrussell, Director of photography,checks the framing of the shot through the viewfinder and monitor.
My landing bay. Unfortunately not seen. Thats the way it goes sometimes. I loved this lighting. Very film like (also hides a multitude of sins). Bay gone...another panel in its place, and so conceivably this could be somewhere else along the ship (enough panels were interchangable to sell this illusion).
I think there was one shot of it, but it was a lower angle than this.

Deane Chewing his nails again and spitting them all over the place.

Only kidding. A lovely DP who cared about his job.

The camera dolly was pushed back and forth by hand. Fans and enthusiasts click here for workshop photos

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