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I felt a bit honoured to be given the task of refurbishing Red Dwarf herself. Such an Iconic spaceship with a long history and a huge fan-base to make happy. But there really wasnt much time to be daunted or freak out with pressure. So I powered into it. (see the workshop photos). Here are the FEW photos that I took on stage (there wasnt a lot of time for that either, as, understandably, theres a film crew buzzing around wanting to get on with the job).

this harsh lighting is a more realistic way of lighting than Red Dwarf is used to.

This was the only way the main ship was shot - on a stand. Lots of photos floating around the internet with it hanging from wires are NOT from Red Dwarf X.
The downside of the shadows is that it hides all that extra detail I'd placed in the damaged recess. You can see where the light-leaks are on this still. I think there might have been a little CGI tweaking in post production.
Because Dwarf was so heavy, I made the stand longer at the front, so it would never fall over. Freestanding, no scaffolding needed, nor stageweights. Basic configuration from the last time is the same. But with an overhaul on all sides, the general feel should be a lot sharper. Having said that, 2 of the 6 facets were never filmed.
I put a starfield into this shot myself (a nice shot for the portfolio methinks)

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