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Two 11 foot tall puppets for a Cinema advert and then touring the world on display as a promotional aid. Made at EVOLUTION FX with a team of technicians.

Not to be called ROBOTS but "statues brought to life" (client)

Rehearsals for the shoot. the puppeteers will wear black on the day, but will be in view for all to see.

I glued together a lot of the printed parts of Both puppets, but finished off most of the silver one and painted him up too. I wasnt involved with the mech at all.

Most sections were comprised of 2 or 3 or even 4 pieces. Superglued under tension to minimise ledges and therefore filling. Though the printed vinyl was pretty accurate, there were alignment issues to sort out.

The heads were important pieces to get right.
Having to look THROUGH the holes on one side of the head, to focus on the back of the interior on the other side for glueing, made your eyes go funny as they converged and diverged all the time.

I only sprayed the undercoat on the female and the laquer, but The artistic team did the wood effect. As I was sprying this, one of the joints came loose and the leg fell to the ground and part of it had a serious break. I glued it back together and PETER SELLERS did an amazing job of painting over the joins. you couldnt even see it. THEN I told Richard (the boss)

Gigantic puppets. You'll get a better idea of how big they were in the next picture

Richard Van den Burgh (director of EVOLUTION FX) checks out the female puppet.

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