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Working in a team at EVOLUTION FX for the Talk Talk commercial campaign where we are led around what appears to be people living in a model village

or rather a town. Characters were computer generated and everything else was a miniature.

One of my jobs was to make the underground station

Mostly Foamex again. its just so quick and easy to work with.

Three semi-detatched houses I also fleshed out and did the window frames and laid the roof tiles.

Polyfiller stuck to the foamex quite well, for that rendered finish.
Had an interior light and a few shapes inside to cast shadows.(added after this shot was taken)

I think the FOAMEX control tower was just over 2 feet tall. a real quickie. took me about 2 days to make.

Radar dish was a last minute addition, but needed to rotate and so I remember a dish I did many years ago using a power drill. this

time I used a cordless, and fed the wires out to an external battery. worked really well. not seen.

The slot in the back was 'off camera'. Turns out most of the tower and radar dish were 'off camera'. Not involved with making the airport building, but helped cut and fit the grasses and paths and made the 3 boarding bridges at the rear. (obviously not seen)

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