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The oldest and most commonly used form of modelmaking, whose demand should outlive that of Movie models, where the image is the final aim and can now, thanks to computers, be generated without models. Architects prefer a real object that you can walk around. In most cases, all visual aspects of these models are decided prior to construction, leaving no room for creativity,not even 'dirtying down' to add realism, as most Architectural models must be kept as clean as possible. But it is a great discipline, certainly with the more complicated buildings, where order of construction and planning in advance are taught.

Orient Dome

Just like the real thing

1:200 scale interior model of the TRAFFORD CENTRE in Manchester, complete with illuminated shop fronts, model crocadile and 'weathered' finish - unusual for an architectural model. Team effort at Vision UK - supervised construction (and by that I don't mean leaning against the wall with my arms folded!).



1:25 scale. From St Albans Cathedral. 18" in diameter, made from a timber surround with cast resin roundels. The full size window is (beleive it or not) based on coinage rather that a holy image (the farthing, the halfpenny and the penny I think) and has no stained glass in it, so I drew up the lead work and photocopied it onto clear acetate. College Project.

Big Ben in miniture

Little Ben

1:500 scale. This 'Architectural' model ought to be in another section. Flown on wires as some kind of rocket (thats advertising for you) this 12" high model of Big Ben was mostly made from etched Nylon,which has 2mm deep relief Nylon detailing fused onto an Aluminium back plate. Clock face was illuminated and a halogen bulb installed in the base to simulate a firey engine.

Old Street Mission

Old Street

1:100 scale Perspex tower and ROHACELL surrounding buildings. Made for Colin Cunningham. All my own work. The Old Street Mission in London was in front of the tower, but has been removed for the photograph.

Middleton Bus Station

Middleton Bus Station

This one is a lot trickier than it looks. Glazing at 5 degrees with mitred corners, pillars at 10 degrees, concealed wires for internal lighting. This jig-saw came apart and went together a few times before all the pieces fit snugly..... bit of a nightmare.. Solo Project.

Clifton Homes in St. Annes, UK

Clifton Homes

Back to the old-fashioned way of cutting out windows with a drill and a needle file.... Who needs a CNC machine?? The location is St. Annes on the coast - hence the sand-dunes. I took the photo on top of my car and was lucky that the clouds were just right. You can't beat natural sunlight for phtographing a model. Solo Project.

Manchester Sports Stadium

Sports Stadium

1:200 scale Stadium for the Manchester commonwealth games 2002, made from perspex, styrene brass etching. Measures 18" diameter and took 8 weeks to build. Solo effort. Sticking to drawings.

Space City

Space City

1:200 scale theme park, inspired by the comic-book hero 'Dan Dare' 4'x2' base with mixed plastic media. Rockets are Vacu-metalised then sprayed with translucent lacquers. 12 (100 hour long) weeks. solo effort. Artistic licence with art-deco detailing and colour of same.

Theatre near G-Mex in Manchester, UK


1:200 scale proposed (and now under construction) amphitheatre, next to the G-Mex building in Manchester City Center. All perspex and styrene. Solo effort. 4 weeks.

City of light

City of light

A fun project for a local school using Ultra-violet sensitive perspex discs and rods. Totally ad-libbed, unheard of in architectural circles. About 1:500 scale. 2 weeks.

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